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Create a personalized look with 100% inter-mixable color

Have the confidence to stand out from the crowd with vibrant color shades from TIGI® Copywright Color. This permanent hair color line can be used to disguise, blend, or cover 100% of non-pigmented hair, and can ensure you receive the results you've only dreamed of.

Top-of-the-line permanent hair color collection

TIGI® Copywright Color has been developed to allow total freedom to mix colors any and every way whilst having the confidence that results will be what is expected. Comprised of a fully inter-mixable collection of individually crafted shades, TIGI® Copywright Color eliminates the need for color rules.


Providing a color palette from which limitless color creations can be crafted, the TIGI® Copywright Color range allows each and every client to have unique color personalized for their needs.


A color line that is created by hairdressers,

for hairdressers

  • Available in 46 shades

  • Up to 100% of coverage for non-pigmented hair

  • Offers endless opportunity for color

  • Results in high-impact shine

  • Half head of foils                        $55+

  • Whole head of foils                    $65+

  • Placement of foils                      $20+    

  • Breaking the base                      $15

  • Base color                                  $42+

  • Balayage                                    $120

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First time clients will recieve $10 off with their hair color sevices.